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10 Years Of Breaking Things

by Stazma The Junglechrist

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The Storm 04:37
Alarm 05:27
Drunken DSP 06:03
The Hammer 05:14
Data Eater 04:13
Melt.Spc 04:44
Metalworker 04:28
Velvet Punk 03:50
Rockers 04:16


Digital download, Cds and more merch are available from Murder Channel page : murderchannel.bandcamp.com/album/10-years-of-breaking-things

Track List

CD1 : Best Bits & Pieces
01 - Rudyz Breaking The Dancehall
02 - Shake Your Booty More Faster
03 - Kill For Weed
04 - Coconuts and Cocaine
05 - The Storm
06 - Fight The Right Way
07 - Alarm
08 - Infected Brain Cell
09 - Your Computer Is Under Arrest
10 - Nuisance 4 with Le Crabe
11 - Drunken DSP
12 - The Hammer
13 - Apocalypse with Le Crabe feat. Mike Redman
14 - Allergic Itching
15 - Data Eater

CD2 : Re-Compiled
01 - Dr. Bastardo - Ruffneck Skill (Stazma Acid Rush Remix)
02 - Jungle Destroyer
03 - Gameboy Physical Destruction - Planet 93 (Stazma The Junglechrist Too Many Dead Punxxx Remix)
04 - How Fast You Wanna Go
05 - Facial Injury
06 - Gore Tech - Heretic (Stazma The Junglechrist Beauty in Violence Remix)
07 - Melt.Spc
08 - Ragga Terror From Outer Space
09 - Planet California
10 - Metalworker
11 - Hitori Tori - UFO at disaster site (Stazma remix)
12 - Velvet Punk
13 - Electric Voyage
14 - Rockers
15 - Enduser - Shut Down (Stazma Acid Shower Remix)

Stazma The Junglechrist - Itch Remixes(Extra DL Code)

Track List
1. Allergic Itching (Kenkotaiji Remix)
2. Unstable Choir (Laxenanchaos Remix)
3. Unstable Choir (Zeuge Remix)


When I think about my top 10 breakcore artists, Stazma the Junglechrist is definitely on that list. Not because he usually performs shirtless, sporting an old ladʼs kangol hat. But, because he really is just a great musician and sound engineer. I remember in 2008 playing some show in France, and meeting Julian for the first time. A bunch of people from the audience jumped on stage and started moshing during my set. We immediately clicked and since then have been making music together. I think what attracted me to Stazmaʼs music, is that it really encompassed all the things I love in electronic music. From his catchy melodies, great song structure, neurotic drum edits, challenging tempoʼs and
overall consistency in material. His styles and ideas can work at any tempo. From slower tracks like, “Mutinator” off his Repeat Eater alias, to the insanity of “Drunken DSP” off his Peace Off release. Over time Julian has started using modular synths and outboard gear in his music making process. As a long time listener, you can really hear the difference with his new set-up. Heʼs definitely managed to combine both worlds seamlessly in his new tracks. From using strange de-tuned modular synths patches, too routing crazy signal chains, and creating bizarre sound design. I think his Repeat Eater side project, and his most recent PRSPCT release, is a good example of whatʼs to come from Julian in the future.
- DJ Skull Vomit

I've known this guy since he was first getting his start. in fact he drove bong ra and me a few hours to another show after a gig and made us listen to his jungle mix he had just made the entire time. it's funny because when i saw him again, i remembered him from not only his mix, but also the fact that he had his heart and soul into the music. it's been amazing watching him grow and be one of the key guys in the scene
- Enduser

'I've had the pleasure of working with Julien now for a number of years I think he's the producer I've shared the stage with the most. There was a period of a couple of years where we played the same parties it was a riot. Always killer live sets and his albums and EPs are wild.The Junglechrist has a real sense of precision engineered party starting. May he never surrender! '
- Gore Tech

Stazma Oh Stazma !!! He's the one who was born with a controller ....and no t-shirt ,but he had a hat , a French beret. No one knows much about his youth , the legend said he was raised at the back of a truck by two ravers who found him down the river near a cancelled free party.One day he finally escaped and travelled across the desolated lands with his controller ,he multiplied the drum breaks and the acid still runs in his veins. He's still around , so we won't have to wait for his return . All hail The JungleChrist !!! To be continued ....
- Monster X

Stazma the junglechrist, the master of acid breakcore. We met and played together for the first time in 2008 in a Peace off night, And since this one, we are '' brother in blood''. Long life to my mate
- Ruby My Dear


released February 5, 2019

All songs written & produced & Mastering by Julien Guillot aka Stazma The Junglechrist
Special mentions
- CD 1 track 10 & 13 written with Le Crabe
- CD 1 track 13 vocals by Mike Redman
- CD 2 track 1 originaly produced by Tom Wong aka Dr Bastardo
- CD 2 track 3 originaly written and performed by Gameboy Physical Destruction
- CD 2 track 5 originaly produced by George Flett aka Gore Tech
- CD 2 track 10 originaly produced by Julian La Brooy aka Hitori Tori
- CD2 track 14 originaly produced by Lynn Standafer aka End.user

Artwork by Le Crabe
Executive Producer : Yuta Umegatani (MURDER CHANNEL)


all rights reserved



Stazma The Junglechrist / Repeat Eater Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

Breakcore (Stazma) & Braindance (Repeat Eater) activist from France.
Concrete Collage boss with Ohmwerk :
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